Field work

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DCSR - At your crime scene

We follow you with our equipment everywhere. We scan for you on the spot whether a room, a garage or in the jungle.

DCSR at the Spot We work for

- Prosecutors

- Criminal divisions

- Insurance

- Lawyers and individuals

We use the appropriate methods depending on the situation at your scene and as a result you get a three-dimensional reconstruction of the investigated object. With the different measures a digital model can be developed. As our customer you get

A 3D model including a viewer. On any windows based PC you can walk around in the crime scene and carry out surveys and measurements independently.

The raw data (scanner data, photographs, close-up photos).

Answers to your questions in a report, written by our forensic scientist.

If possible, and requested, a blood stain pattern analysis.

Distance and size measurements of objects.

Presentation of trajectories of fast objects (projectiles).

Presentation of three-dimensional positions of objects or people to each other.

Optional and if possible: Dynamic processing of events in all probable variants by import and animation of moving objects and persons.

Interactive discussion of your case at your location, or via a secure network across long distances by teleforensics.