Über DCSR & Unsere Vision

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DCSR GmbH, Münchenstein, Switzerland

Gegründet im Jahr 2003 als Spin-off der Universität Basel, Schweiz.


n-dimensionale integrierte Tatort Modelle


Entwicklung der digitalen Tatort Dokumentation.

Expertenwissen und praktisches Know-How in allen forensischen Disziplinen.

Relationship to international scientists (especially in Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
and institutions like German BKA, public prosecutors's office Basel and Luxembourg,
institutes for legal medicine in Basel, Bern and Zürich, institutes of pathology Basel
and ILM in Luxembourg.

Unsere Vision - oder die Zukunft der digitalen Forensik

DCSR - Institute for Digital Crime Scene Reconstruction - is the leading
international institute for digital crime scene reconstruction. The development of new procedures using the upcoming information- and communication-technology (ICT) for criminal investigation, forensic medicine and prosecution authorities are the basis for a better integration of all informations on the crime scene and to more accurate, more effective and more efficient reconstruction of a crime.


Digital Crime-Scene Management and Business Process
Engineering (BPE) in Forensics

Digital Crime-Scene Management is an integral approach to forensics supported by digital methods that emerge more and more in forensics These new methods produce a new integral approach to forensic understanding and cooperation between specialists. This digital age asks for new models of data management as well as new methods to maintain and continuosly improve credibility and acceptance on court. Business Engineering (BE) and Digital Crime-Scene Management (DCSM) can help.

Business Engineering

A widely used method of modern business modelling in the digital age.
Also suitable for non-profit organisations consisting on the 4 main layers:

- Vision
- Strategy
- Processes
- Systems: applications, software and databases

Therefore business engineering aims to establish new, future oriented forms of businesses but with reference to existing or emerging needs. Business engineering is most likely related with the area of future technology. To abstract it, BE combines the establishment of a completely new business in a propect business environment.