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DCSR - At your crime scene

The technological development in in the area of 3D laser scanning is almost as fast as on the area of computer hard- and software. DCSR offers only the latest gears available on market.

We support you when you intend to purchase a scanner, photo options or computer hard and software.

The DeltaSphere 3000, an ideal gear for education purposes but also for indoor operation.

DeltaSphere™-3000 Laser 3D Scene Digitizer Create Real-world Models from Real-world Scenes

Create real-world, fully textured, 3D models, like the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, murder scene, or Jeep below by scanning the objects or scenes with the DeltaSphere-3000 which captures both 3D points and full-color textures. The models shown began as data captured with the DeltaSphere-3000, which was then processed with PolyWorks®/Modeler software for alignment and polygon reduction.

murder scene Bradley
Jeep1 Jeep2

DeltaSphere Laser Scanner
Performance, precision, and portability in a low-cost, compact design— the DeltaSphere-3000 breaks new ground in 3D scanning and scene reconstruction.
Based on research from the Computer Science Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the DeltaSphere-3000 uses a time-of-flight, modulated beam laser rangefinder to rapidly produce panoramic, accurate, 3D point sets.
These data sets can be combined with color information (captured with the optional, integrated, high-resolution digital color camera) to produce extraordinarily detailed and accurate 3D scenes.

This image is a direct rendering of original, scanned point data showing laser reflectance values. The curvature of the data is associated with mapping of 3D points in this fashion.

Car crash1

The image below shows the same data rendered in 3D with a different viewpoint.

Car crash 2

The DeltaSphere-3000 is ideal for a variety of applications.

Recording precise ‘as built’ dimensions for manufacturing, construction and surveying in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, chemical, and construction industries

Capture the complete measurements and colors of a crime or accident scene quickly and easily

Model creation for accident and crime scene reconstruction Creating remarkably detailed 3D scenes for computer graphics applications in virtual reality, Internet marketing and tourism, and CAD

Capturing 3D sets and models for use in special effects creation in film, video and computer games


Compact, self-contained, portable system

Computer controlled, high-precision, long-range, laser scanning from 0 to 40ft.

Automatic 150°elevation by 360° azimuth scanning with no manual intervention

High speed capture - complete scenes ranging from 2 - 30 minutes; 25,000 samples/second

Built-in Ethernet connectivity for communication with your PC or laptop

Optional, integrated digital color camera with wide FOV for full color scenes

DeltaSphere-3000 System

The DeltaSphere-3000 provides high-speed, wide-area, high-precision scanning in an integrated, highly portable package. The system includes:

- Integrated, portable system with

- Modulated beam laser range finder (Class IIIa)

- Azimuth positioning motor

- Embedded CPU with Ethernet connectivity

- Mount for standard surveyor's or camera tripod

- Software including

- Windows-based device control, data storage and preview application

- Utilities for conversion to 3D point clouds

- Client for capturing data, retrieving point coordinates and distance measurements (see image above)

- Output to VRML and various 3rd party software

- NEW - SceneVision™-3D software for viewing, measuring, analysis, and presentation.

- Optional color, digital, high resolution camera with very wide FOV

- Tools for mapping color textures to 3D point clouds (see image below)